Monday, January 16, 2012

Eat Like A Local

It's no secret. Food in Hawaii is pitiful. We have pithy tomatoes, $10 Kraft cheese, mediocre bread and no Burrata. Everything that isn't grown locally has to be shipped. And everything that is shipped is low quality and overpriced.

The best way to avoid having a disappointing meal while in Hawaii is to eat local foods. For breakfast enjoy a bowl of fresh tropical fruit with Island granola and coconut flakes instead of a bagel with cream cheese. Skip the caprese salad and try the taro fritters. Last but not least stock up on your seafood. But first, check out this seafood chart to find the best sustainable seafood options in Hawaii.

One restaurant on Kauai that prides themselves with their field to table philosophy is Common Ground. They use fresh, local and wholesome ingredients sourced from local farmers and even have a small garden in the back. Their food is healthy without compromising taste and they have some of the meanest fish taco's on the Island.

(Grilled Island Fish Taco's Served with Organic White Corn Tortilla, Asian Slaw, Cilantro and Garlicky Yogurt Sauce, Served with Beans and Quinoa)

(Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato Fries)

(these fries are THE BEST!)

(sheep located on the grounds)


  1. Hey now, don't neglect the avocados.

    And one avocado in Hawaii could feed a family of five.

  2. Oooh good point! I could never neglect the huge and delicious avocados on the Island. I put them on EVERYTHING. From bagels or sandwiches to eggs and everything in between! :) Not only is it alkalizing but it has great proteins and fats that are great for our bodies.



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